Monthly Archives: July 2016

May, June, July Challenges all in one!

So here’s your starter for three:

Let’s call this one July Challenge 1:  Here’s a poem by Jackie Kay (after clicking on it you’ll find it in your ‘Download’ folder – I hope. Never tried this method before):

Muse, Jackie Kay

July Challenge 1 is to draft a poem using one of the five senses in the first line.


July Challenge 2: Here’s a sonnet by Helen Mort:

What happens next, Helen Mort

July Challenge 2 is to draft a poem about books/reading.


July Challenge 3: Here’s a poem by Andrew Greig:

By the way, I highly recommend the Scottish Library site. You can hear Andrew G read this poem by clicking on ‘Listen’ and read about the poem by clicking ‘About this Poem’.

July Challenge 3 is to draft a poem about an activity not often spoken about.