A passing problem

A passing problem

Parked behind a huge skip
piled high with builders’ rubble.
Quite an obstacle in such a narrow street.
Signal to move out,
glance in my mirror and over my shoulder.
Nothing coming from behind.
Start edging out, gingerly.
Suddenly notice a flashing light ahead
at the other end of the skip.
Another car parked there,
also signalling and coming out towards me.
How annoying, but I’ll be a gentleman.
Reverse back to allow him through.
Yikes, he’s doing the same.
The other car has moved back, too.
Signal again, begin to move out once more.
Good grief, he’s doing the same, again
The other car is re-emerging, light flashing.
This is ridiculous, I’ll never get past at this rate.
Life is one long obstacle course, so it seems.
I’m going for it this time, blow the other bloke.
Moving alongside the skip notice something:
the other car is the same model and colour as mine.
Reach the end of the skip.
No car there at all.
Just a parked lorry, its wide windscreen
reflecting my car flashing furiously.



4 thoughts on “A passing problem

  1. Robbie Burton

    it’s such a detailed description of what happened that I was too caught up in it to reflect on a deeper meaning. Sorry, Jonathan. Maybe a slightly different title might have alerted me – say, ‘Yet another passing problem’ or similar.

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