All Souls


Starlings rumble the morning;
dark clouds constantly moving.
Wren mute with their bantering.
They are potent.
I breathe and think of friends
who walk softly beside me
even though          they are dead.

Your light kindles my light
and my light kindles another
and suddenly the darkness
is ablaze with lamps of gold.

4 thoughts on “All Souls

  1. Fiona Lesley

    Lovely moving thoughts and words and I like the I and the II and the way they sit alongside one another to make the conversation of the poem happen gently. I wondered if you need “they are potent” . This lit me up reading it in the dark start to the year. thank you.

  2. Robbie Burton

    A small poem shining brightly… lovely idea that each light kindles another.

    Like Fiona I wonder if ‘they are potent’ stands out too much- maybe because I’m not sure who ‘they’ refers to – the clouds, the starlings, the wren, all of them? Is there another way around this?

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