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Membership of Cross Border Poets has reached bursting point. Regrettably, from January 2017 onwards, we are unable to accept new members but will review the situation in six months time.




May, June, July Challenges all in one!

So here’s your starter for three:

Let’s call this one July Challenge 1:  Here’s a poem by Jackie Kay (after clicking on it you’ll find it in your ‘Download’ folder – I hope. Never tried this method before):

Muse, Jackie Kay

July Challenge 1 is to draft a poem using one of the five senses in the first line.


July Challenge 2: Here’s a sonnet by Helen Mort:

What happens next, Helen Mort

July Challenge 2 is to draft a poem about books/reading.


July Challenge 3: Here’s a poem by Andrew Greig:

By the way, I highly recommend the Scottish Library site. You can hear Andrew G read this poem by clicking on ‘Listen’ and read about the poem by clicking ‘About this Poem’.

July Challenge 3 is to draft a poem about an activity not often spoken about.




December Meeting


Our December meeting will take place at 7.30pm on 9 December in the Haydn Rees Room. It will be an ‘Open mic without a mic’ evening when we can read several of our poems to an audience of ourselves. Time allocated will depend on numbers attending… and of course on mince pie eating time.

We can also discuss future projects, including name and promotion of the music-poetry collaboration event.



Dashboard Help

If you are having trouble moving around the Dashboard, Keith has provided a helpful YouTube video for you to follow. Sent out by email the link should have reached your inboxes on Wednesday. It may have arrived in your Spam folder…



I’m gearing up for StaPoWriMo, Cross Border Poets’ version of NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month, which takes place every April.  The object is to write a poem a day and to post it onto the poet’s blog. Or not. One can simply keep them private. Either way, at the end of the month participating poets will have written 30 poems. Blooming marvellous.

Cross Border Poets’ StaPoWriMo, Stanza Poetry Writing Month, is scheduled for October.  With any luck there will be writing prompts every day, one from me and others from anyone else who’d like to join in. Posted on the General category these will be visible to anyone visiting the site.  However, when it comes to posting our poems, the place to do it will be in the Members part of the website. This will ensure that poems won’t be visible to the world at large which means they can be submitted subsequently to competitions / magazines etc.