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At Last!

Those of you who came to the last Stanza chaired by Keith may remember my poem called Faith (or If you Build It They Will Come), about building a garden pond and waiting for the arrival of wildlife, especially a pond skater to come and perform the miracle of walking on water.  Well, I’m overjoyed to report that one has arrived, and as I said in the poem, it came when I wasn’t looking for it (I described performing the pond gazing ritual every day in front of the statue of Buddha)!  I’ve called it Torville due its skating prowess.  It’s on its own and seems quite vulnerable.It’s quite time consuming being a pond skater’s body guard!

Sorry I won’t make the next Stanza or the next Erddig. Have fun.  I’m off to check on Torville…..

Mousetrap Mayhem!

Thanks to Keith for stepping in and chairing a great Stanza on Monday night.  The theatre and car parks may have been chaotic,  filled with excitable Mousetrap-goers, but the Haden Rees room was filled with calm and culture and wonderful poems – well, actually a lot of frivolity too.  It was a great idea to have us read our poems and then to have someone else to read them out afterwards, even though we did run over and get caught up with all the excitable Mousetrappers leaving!

Thanks again to Keith and all who took part.


Forgive me poets for I have sinned…
It’s been weeks since my last poem
I confess to having had poetic thoughts on occasion and yes, I’ve dabbled with my pen but to no avail.
But now I’m back from that dark poetry-less place, full of chewed pencils and screwed up bits of paper.

Great to read your April entries, well done all the mirror poem writers!

Just to let you know, if you don’t already, Gladstones’ Library is a great place to sit and work in peace, or gaze out of the window at the naked Sophia, or eat scones and cream, or just sit at your desk and watch the dust motes float by in the grand vaulted library.  I joined as a reader, for free.  It’s an inspiring place – nice cakes too.

The people at the library say that having readers is good for them, it helps them get funding, shows that the library is used, etc.

They have occasional poetry workshops and readings too.

Wendy Cope will be there in July.

Publish and be Damned!

That title was on a flyer I picked up at Gladstone’s Library.  It is followed by ‘(But don’t pay for it)’.  For anyone interested, there’s a day workshop ‘a course in DIY publishing’, covering the techniques and software needed to self-publish in three media, the internet, e-books and paper-based publishing at the library in Hawarden.

The course is on Tuesday April 7th at 10am until 4pm, cost £20.

To register your interest, contact Ken Down on

He needs three to run the course, I’ve registered my interest (did I mention they do lovely coffee and cake at Gladstone’s?)


Diary Dates

I really enjoyed the session last night, thanks to Robbie for introducing me to the work of Penny Shuttle (great name). The discussions were enlightening and insightful.

I spent a blissful afternoon at Gladstone’s Library today, supposedly to work on my book project, but I was hi-jacked in the lobby by Wendy Cope, well actually, three of her books, on sale at reception.  So I bought one – ‘Two Cures for Love – selected poems 1979 – 2006’

and that was it……..

and then there was coffee…and scones…

I also discovered that she will be doing a reading with Lachlan Mackinnon at Gladstone’s on Thursday July 23 (tickets £12)

and a workshop on July 26 (£35)

Sarah x (Lewis)




A little book of verse…

Apologies to Sarah Dolan in advance of this post.  I have no wish to embarrass you Sarah, but I’d like to say how much I enjoyed your latest poetry collection, ‘Back then, when I was a child…’

The dedication says, ‘this book is for you if you still use words such as ‘Fab’ and ‘Ace” – which I do, all the time.  And I remember ‘Sandwich Spread’ butties (I still eat them) and the ice cream van. The poem called ‘Veranda’ is truly ACE, my favourite I think.

I also love your website     

If anyone is thinking of putting together a collection of their own, Sarah’s web site has some great tips.  You might just be inspired to have a go yourself.  I recommend Sarah’s latest collection (part of the proceeds of which go to charity).

Well done Sarah.

Now I’m off for a fab Sandwich Spread butty…

from – the other Sarah


Howdy Partners

As a lover of old westerns, I remember the scenes of the town, just before the baddies ride in, or when the gold has finally run out in them thar hills.  The camera shows the empty street, dust swirling, saloon door swinging in the wind and then zooms in on a clump of tumbleweed rolling down the middle of the road…it’s a bit like that on our Cross Border Poets site now that StaPoWriMo has finished!


Dying Sunflower (a cinquain 2,4,6,8,2)

Dying Sunflower

at the edges,
a whorling maze of seeds
where goldfinches get lost inside


 and another………….

Mushroom Magic

I let you see
cap, stem, gills.
But not my best trick.

Behind a curtain of leaves
I’m dealing with decay,
decomposing debris,
conjuring carbon into oak woods.



Slug Thugs

Aha! I found day 30….here goes…

Slug Thugs

They slime over black curly kale,
slither over lollo rosso leaves,
suck their way over sprouting mange tout,
completely ignoring the skin slicing egg shells,
the small pot of drowning ale,
the copper wall of death,
the blue pellets from hell.
And all in the bat-black night
when the pecking birds are wrapped
in laurel leaves dreaming of suet,
sunflower seeds and moist cake crumbs.