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Grist To The Mill

A bit of flippancy…

On reading my emails this morning (I know, I shouldn’t until I’ve done at least 1000 words), some bright spark reminded me that it was 100 days until Christmas.  (I think it’s a bit longer but never mind).  After an initial Grrr, I thought about how I could turn this to my advantage..

What if I wrote 1000 words a day?  That’s a book, or a lot of poems!

What if I lost 1lb a week, 14 weeks, that’s a stone!

What if I walked 5 miles a day, that’s 500 miles, though I may end up too far away to come to Stanza meetings?

So far, I’m still at the ‘What if’ stage……

Thanks to Keith for setting this up and for tackling all the teething troubles!

Sarah (Lewis)