Strike a match,
flares into flame.

Light the wick,
glows into life.

Illuminates our faces,
gleams in our eyes.

Gilded within
our magic circle.

But a spell with
a strict time limit.

Even Cinderella’s
expired at midnight.

Reduced to a stub,
gutters and dies.

A wisp of smoke
in a pool of wax.

5 thoughts on “Candle-power

  1. Diana Sanders

    A stunning poem – every word has a place although – magically – jars for me. You bring the moment to life and leave the reader devastated. If only we could hang on to those fleeting times.

  2. Fiona Lesley

    Lovely poem – such sparseness, yet each small couplet delivers such a packed and clear image – this brevity itself mirrors the ‘brief candle’ theme. Magically enhanced is the one more abstract line where i don’t get given such a clear concrete image but the idea of an image – is there a way of making this line as sharp as the others. I love the last stanza/ pair of lines. Great energy all the way through.

  3. Robbie Burton

    One is left with a lovely image of the power of the candle. As Di and Fiona say, super turn at the end.

    Coming late to the ‘magical’ party I prefer the updated version.

  4. Chris York

    Fresh and concise. A great take on the ‘brief candle’ image. I especially like couplets three and four. This must be the updated version – it works.

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