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Dashboard Help

If you are having trouble moving around the Dashboard, Keith has provided a helpful YouTube video for you to follow. Sent out by email the link should have reached your inboxes on Wednesday. It may have arrived in your Spam folder…


Remembering Passwords

These days there are so many websites that require you to logon that remembering passwords becomes a pain. Most people’s solution is to only use one or two different passwords. This is not a secure approach because if someone gets hold of one then they effectively have access to many sites. Fortunately these days there is a solution and that is to use software that will generate strong passwords, remember them on a per website basis and enter your login details for you when you want to login. The one I use is 1Password. You can find its details here.

Typing Poems

If you insert newline characters (return/enter ) when you type a poem you will end up with lines that look double spaced. To get single spaced lines just hold the shift key down when you press enter/return.

Profile Picture

You might like to have your photo displayed against any messages you post to the site. The way to do this is to create an avatar for yourself using a website called Gravatar. It’s a simple process. Once you have created your avatar it will appear on any avatar compliant blog where you post messages. Cross Border Poets is one such blog.

Sending eMail

You can send an email to selected members or to all members of the stanza. Simply login using your username and password and you will see an envelope icon on the left of the page. Click on it and choose one of the options. Then follow your nose. Get in touch if you have problems.

A few feedback guidelines

The purpose of giving feedback is to provide constructive criticism to enable the poet to produce a final draft.  Making sure that feedback is constructive not only benefits another poet but also helps us to become more thoughtful readers. Treating other people’s work with the respect we’d like our own to receive is always a good starting point for making the feedback workshop a constructive exercise.

Things to consider:

– What do you like about this poem?

– Describe parts of poem that work really well. 
(Consider imagery, originality, rhythm, title, language use)

– Technical matters – have you any advice re. line lengths, stanza/line breaks, suitability of form, consistency etc?

– Are there any areas that are a little unclear, or could be tightened up?

How to workshop a poem

First submit a poem as a blog post in the workshop category for the current month and year. Any member can then add a comment, which when approved will appear below the poem. There is no limit on the number of comments that can be made. The author of the poem can respond to any of the comments.

Have a look at the WordPress documentation about posting messages here. You should remember to choose the correct category for your post. Don’t be scared of using the site – anything you do has to be approved before it’s made public. The only way to learn is by jumping in with both feet and learning to swim.

When you have published your entry you can click on the link at the top right of the Edit Post page where it says Notify Users about this Post. This will bring up a page where you can send an email to everyone. The easiest way to specify the recipients is to click on administrator and author rather than select all users individually (unless of course you only want to send it to a few people).