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Spirit of the apple tree

Spirit of the apple tree
Smile down on me
Ethereal apple tree
Old and gnarled
Stands with ancient boughs
Burdened down with fruit
High up
Tremulous arms
Out splayed beseechingly
Spirit of the apple tree
Old and gnarled
With your drapes of gossamer
Webs of the spider
Sails swaying in the breeze
And your old bark
Marked and stained
Do you have a memory
Old tree?
What would you say?
That you have seen in your day
Old tree?
Spirit of the apple tree
Old and gnarled!





StaPoWriMo 2016

So sorry….

Today’s prompt won’t appear in its usual spot until later today – a technical hitch….

…but here it is for now. You won’t be able to post your drafts until later today but at least you’ve got something to work on!!


Starting out:   Let’s be optimistic! It’s a new month and we want to find happiness, but…

Have look at Sheenagh Pugh’s poem at

Write about the pursuit of happiness (but avoid abstractions!)



Martin Zarrop





27 February – production

Dear poets

I am putting on a production in the English Presbyterian Church, Ruthin on Saturday 27 February 2016.  The Tale of the Tylwyth Teg began as a poem and has morphed into a story with music.  Doors open at 6.00pm for refreshments.  The production lasts an hour.  Tickets are £5 (adults) £3 (children & students).  It is in English with Welsh references.  To reserve a ticket please contact me and there is more information on my website  Hope to see some of you there.  Sarah D x

The Verb – poems as friends on the radio!

at the end of the week I was a bit surprised and then terrified to find myself on BBC Radio 3s The verb –  ‘cabaret of the word’ hosted by Ian McMillan talking about The Poetry Exchange. As you know – the project invites people to come and talk about a poem that’s been a friend to them and then we create a reading/recording of their chosen poem inspired by the conversation. We’re adding a new layer to this, writing poems in response to the conversation and the poem that the visitor brings with them – stupidly I mentioned this to the producer and so ended up reading my own poem as part of the programme. I wanted them to concentrate more on the voices of the visitors as this is the heart of the project for me but once the cat was out of the bag I had to go through with it! Anyway, you can hear me talking about the project, a snippet of one of the exchanges and the reading and then me reading the poem I created in response. The episode is available on their podcast  – all the guests were great and there is some lovely music too but if you did just want to hear the poetry exchange ‘bit’ it comes about 31 minutes into the programme.

meanwhile, its really our podcast that gives a fuller picture of the work, you can hear it here:

The Poetry Exchange

Most of you already know about my project The poetry Exchange – talking to readers about poems that have been a friend to them and then creating bespoke recordings of the poem for them? I think I mentioned a while ago we have created a podcast, you can listen to the first four episodes here, and/or use the links to actually subscribe (free) to the podcast:

Each episode is quite different according to the poem and the person that comes along. Hope you enjoy it. If you want to talk to me directly about it or are having trouble with the links do email me: