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Wasps and other stinging things


Wasps and other stinging things

Wasps, stop hovering at the gap
between pane and window-frame.
Stay out there, where I can
see you.

You’re like that kid with
the round pink glasses, black boots
and purple patches on his head.
He’s still buzzing at the back
of my mind

about the day the teacher sent
him and me home early
for knowing how to spell Edinburgh
(and us living in Lancashire)
me to my semi-detached
adoptive mum and dad
and him to who-knows-who
at the orphanage.

Me and Tommy Furby
sent home early. I never said his name
to his face.


let there be light

let there be light

I rise early
from a restless bed
of thrashing limbs
tangled sheets
flashes of white
in the darkness
in the shuttered room

out onto the cliff walk
under the night sky
high above the ocean

pale behind cloud
the sun rises
from a seething sea
of suppressed rage
crashing waves
splashes of brightness
in the gloom
of the rocks below

from time to time
the troubled murmurings
of the tide burst into
an angry roar
long-suffering gulls
riding the up-draughts

then the sun
emerging from the cloud
lays a gleaming pathway
across the sea
reaching towards me
on the cliff edge

as the light intensifies
I feel its warmth
and relax

Slow Down the Years

Slow down the years. They fly as fast
as arrows. Four score gone. And ten
more winters swallowed by a past

infertile with unanswered prayer.
Savour those shining seconds when
we share a breath. They fade so fast

as age succumbs to death’s cold stare.
Red-eyed with watching News at 10
we checklist errors from the past

recataloguing pain and care,
old tears and sorrows (yet again).
Enjoy the years. They fly as fast

as wind-blown clouds and thinning hair.
Pick up your notebook and a pen.
Refuse to wallow in a past

imperfect. I will dare to dare.
The future may be short and then…?
No time to grovel in the past.
Slow down the years. They fly too fast.