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Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture


Restless, flexing and kicking,
rebellious and un-coordinated;
slowly I reigned you into my needs.

You became two white steeds
pulling this carriage up and down the days.
I promoted you to a position of highest trust:
relied on you completely.
Showed you off to my advantage.

It’s not that I thought you would go on forever,
it’s just that you never warned me,
buckled under me
on a sunny day
in Cardiff Bay.

Perfidious summer


Perfidious Summer

Gangs of mallards are dipping
their heads into concentric circles.

Two dragonflies hover, torn
between food and each other.

All the mallards are silent, some losing
their green iridescence.

August turns drakes into hens.
October restores them again.





Feel it strike home
when I hear the news.
Bullseye – my heart.

I can see her eyes narrow
as she guides the venomous
missile through the air
towards me, hundreds of miles
between us no protection.

Not a pantomime witch,
she looks demure, but
she has always been lethal.
She will have known the effect
the announcement would have
on me, for I love her still.