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Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere 

My parents marched me along a straight road
through the city
with signposts to church, to school
and to the bank.

Left to myself,
I followed the animal tracks on paths
zigzagging through the countryside,
inscribed on ancient maps.

Additional data sourced from third parties


Additional data sourced from third parties
OS Explorer

The bridge was off

an excuse practised daily by
cyclists with one foot on the ground,

kids with half-done homework poking out of
half-zipped daysacks,

shoppers carrying tubs of ice-cream
in flimsy Morrison’s bags

suited men in important cars en route
to important meetings,

undertakers in hearses stopping themselves
from waving to friends,

a woman saying boats should wait regardless
of tides,

but not by the bridge-keeper fed up
of repeating

We can’t predict the times when this slice of A49
will swing sideways.





handed the chart
told to get going
soon after the start
took a wrong turn

followed the plough
knee-deep in mud
furrowed brow
even after harvest

forded the stream
deeper than expected
in search of a dream
so nearly a nightmare

reached the top
of the mountain
surveyed the drop
with misgivings


Beyond Here

Occasionally, dragons appear in the west
blood red on flags as a symbol of defiance
but, if only we could find just one bone,
it might contain enough DNA to revive
the entire species and claim independence.

Of course, dragons do have a bad reputation,
eating English maidens and such, deserving
their gory dispatching by brave English knights
or the Quidditch skills of Harry Potter.
Wherever they are, you don’t want to go there

and you usually can’t, since they remain unseen
off the edge of the OS sheet, with strong warnings
and inaccurate drawings to deter the foolhardy
although, nowadays, you can buy maps
with a dragon right in the centre

provided you know the Welsh postcode.