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If she can do it, I can do it
if I buy it, try it, I’ll be it.
Like the model on the advert:
young and lithe.  No anxiety.

I might be the one in two,
the one in four, or the one in ten,
or I might live on horrendously,
to a grand old, sightless immobility.

Tomorrow I could read a book,
forsake my nook,
become a warrior and look
at life from a different epoch.

Red Wizard Cafe


Red Wizard Café

Red is showing a customer how to use
Ebay. They sit next to the guppy tank
poking index fingers at Red’s iPad.

Two tourists step across the threshold.
They see a campanologists’ boot camp flyer
and back out.

Nothing stops the man with a white carrier bag.
He strides over to Red with the future
in his hand. Pulling out a length of tube slathered

with gaffer-tape he fixes the end with goggles
over a volunteer’s eyes and shoves
the camera end into a croaking tetra tank

then announces It’s only a prototype.



Future tense

Future tense

Strictly one-paced, these days.

Comfortable with the present Waltz,
supporting each other, legs barely moving,
shuffling one…two…two-and-a-half…three.

But what if the music changes?
Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Paso Doble?
Could we summon up the necessary passion?

Probably could manage an American Smooth,
possibly a (rather slow) Quick Step,
but a Jive would leave us dance-floored.

What happens when the music stops?