He sees the day

It’s a long time since I posted anything here, largely because most of my brainpower since last August has been devoted to writing an app for the iPad. So… I thought I’d share this with you.

He sees the day
A poem beginning with a line by Dylan Thomas

Especially when the autumn wind
whistles its sad song and brings the dampers down
on summer, then will be the time to find
some way to snap out of this black beat and clown
around a while, go singing in the rain
in patent leather shoes, leave no reason
to let the grieving age prolong the pain
by stamping winter on its season.

Stretch out summer bunting in the autumn sun —
all time, past and future, is best timed out
of mind. Time now is all that matters here.
O forget the grave, the crystal ball, go have some fun.
Think what follows carpe diem about:
trust little in the future

4 thoughts on “He sees the day

  1. Robbie Burton

    Super sonnet. I did wonder for a while if the final line is just another way of saying ‘carpe diem’ and whether it should be doing something different. I’ve still not made up my mind.

    I see the theme for this year’s Buxton Poetry Comp is ‘time’. Go for it!

  2. Sarah Dolan

    well that was different for you Keith – you seem to write with more than one voice/have more than one style/approach to what you have to say – but I could be very wrong

    this is a very interesting piece – does the turn come at stretch out summer bunting or Time now is all that matters here? In the first stanza you have already relaxed a bit and the patent leather shoes have started dancing despite the inevitable. I enjoy looking at form so thanks for sharing that and fiddling about with computers is no excuse for not posting!!!!!! Jonathan is streaking ahead and will end up getting that medal again for the most posts. (Maybe it should be a t-shirt this time.)

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