Howdy Partners

As a lover of old westerns, I remember the scenes of the town, just before the baddies ride in, or when the gold has finally run out in them thar hills.  The camera shows the empty street, dust swirling, saloon door swinging in the wind and then zooms in on a clump of tumbleweed rolling down the middle of the road…it’s a bit like that on our Cross Border Poets site now that StaPoWriMo has finished!


3 thoughts on “Howdy Partners

  1. Jonathan Mayman

    Yes! I’m still suffering withdrawal pains! Many thanks to all involved in StaPoWri for all the prompts, poems & comments. I’ve certainly learnt a lot – & (just as important) it was a lot of fun. Can we have “Prompt of the Month” on the workshop page?

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