in the art gallery

bearded Renaissance man
who shops at Ikea
buying cheap print on large canvas
cooks beans on toast

woman who saves cats
raves about Baroque
wears patent boots
and a gaudy frock

in the art gallery
they enjoy the space
between them

in general cats avoid him
Baroque makes him queasy

a beard is a beard is a beard
whichever century it spouts from

in the cafe
the manager considers serving
beans on toast


4 thoughts on “in the art gallery

  1. Jonathan Mayman

    Fizzing poem, as usual, Sarah – I’ll have to read it a few times to fully appreciate it.

    I bet your show in Ruthin will be fizzing, as well! Wish I could bring my grandchildren to it, but I’m already committed that night.

  2. Robbie Burton

    Hi Sarah – you’ve drawn great pictures! I’ve played around (in my head) with swapping the stanzas about… maybe you’ve done the same… In the end I wondered how it would look with the ‘In general’ couplet moving up to follow the first stanza… it’s great fun fiddling with other people’s poems!

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