Magic circle

Magic circle

The hump-backed bridge
with its reflection
in the still waters
of the canal
forms a perfect circle
through which I pass.

I emerge to witness
a conjuring trick
as a kingfisher
appears and disappears
in a single blue flash
just like that.

8 thoughts on “Magic circle

  1. Robbie Burton

    Lovely. Brings it all back.

    You know what I’m going to say, don’t you… why not lose the last line. I know the poem probably started with the Magic Circle (great title) there but I think it’s outgrown Tommy Cooper.

  2. Jonathan Mayman Post author

    I had a horrible feeling you’d say that, Robbie! But I’m afraid I think that last line is absolutely integral to the poem??!! As always, thank you so much for the prompt & the comment, both of which I value greatly.

  3. Sarah Dolan

    As promised – I am posting and commenting – don’t want you feeling lonely Jonathan! I like the way your poem leaves me feeling amazed with life and nature and although all the clues are there – magic circle, conjuring trick and blue flash they don’t overpower the sentiment.

  4. Keith Lander

    Yes, it is lovely like Robbie says. Such imagery in so few words. I’m afraid I agree with Robbie about the last line. Something about over-egging?

    1. Jonathan Mayman Post author

      Et tu, Gill! I seem to be in a minority of one, but I still think it’s the perfect final line for this poem. Apparently no-one shares my sense of humour!

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