Our webpage is a Good Thing


I’m a Facebook fan…. I check in several times a day to see what chums are up to, poetry chums in the main. Yesterday, for example, Facebook was full of Heaney poems posted by sad poets mourning his loss. Facebook, used wisely, is a good thing. Not, perhaps, an opinion shared by all of you. However…

Our Stanza webpage could be as informative as Facebook and less of a hot potato. All we need do (and I’m including myself in this good-talking-to) is check in every day, make comments when moved to, and keep each other informed of poetic thoughts, words and deeds.

That’s all. For now. The now that is 09.09  31 August 2013.


Robbie Burton

1 thought on “Our webpage is a Good Thing

  1. Fiona Lesley

    Thanks Robbie to you and Keith for getting this going – it’s a great way to stay connected in between meetings and it’s lovely to have the chance to share poetry thoughts in this wider way.

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