Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture


Restless, flexing and kicking,
rebellious and un-coordinated;
slowly I reigned you into my needs.

You became two white steeds
pulling this carriage up and down the days.
I promoted you to a position of highest trust:
relied on you completely.
Showed you off to my advantage.

It’s not that I thought you would go on forever,
it’s just that you never warned me,
buckled under me
on a sunny day
in Cardiff Bay.

3 thoughts on “Out to Pasture

  1. Robbie Burton

    ‘reined’ ?

    Led by the title I was imagining a horse… but ‘two white steeds’ made me wonder if I’d misread a metaphor… a bicycle… a man…

    I’m being somewhat thick today.

    Oh, I do love what the poem’s saying, just wish I could get a clearer picture.

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