Secret sorrow

Secret sorrow

So tender,
still, after
all this time.
Just when
you think
it’s buried
deep enough
to be beyond
grave robbers’ reach,
someone puts
a probing finger
right on it.
And the pain
shoots again.

2 thoughts on “Secret sorrow

  1. Diana Sanders

    I like the form which is shaped like a blade. A lot expressed in just a few words. It brings to light that secret pain that I’m sure we all have. Very moving.

  2. Robbie Burton

    Fab poem… as Di says, it speaks volumes in just a few words. Great form for it too. ‘Grave robbers’ reach’ is perfect.

    Erm…. last two lines? ‘puts a probing finger / right on it.’ tells the reader all he/she needs to know

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