Self-portrait with Seven Fingers

Your criticism in useless to me. I throw
it out. Along with stale water lilies
and threadbare nudes. My colours
are barbaric. Those that A child
throws on and over paper and table.

Une figuration anti-logique

I capture the dream. Steel
and fever and speed pulse
in my fingers. I am honourable
in my madness. It is poetry
streaked with the divine.

4 thoughts on “Self-portrait with Seven Fingers

  1. Sarah Dolan

    put me out of my madness Di – I want to understand but I’m too ignorant eg une figuration anti-logique – I know it’s French but I don’t know what it means – I am sure this poem is littered with clues but I just need a bit of help (I often need help!) – thanks

  2. Diana Sanders Post author

    Self-portrait with seven fingers is a painting by Marc Chagall who was a futurist. The manifesto of the futurists was to throw off the old ways of impressionism and ignore art criticisms. To be called a madman was to be seen as a compliment. Une figuration anti-logique is a term Marc Chagall used and means an irrational arrangement of natural objects. Hope that helps, Sarah! I did wonder if the poem was a bit specialist.

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