Terrasse a Sainte-Adresse

Terrasse a Sainte-Adresse

Whenever I look at this painting
reproduced in my book on Monet,
I think of the view from a balcony
over another garden and seascape.

Whenever I look at that view,
I think of the painting.

Different parts of the world
separated by a century and a half,
but  the atmosphere is the same.

Vibrant sunlight and colours.
Well-tended garden, strolling figures.
Sea alive with boats large and small.
Wide, windswept sky.

A few weeks each year, I’m there
sitting on the balcony.
Open the book, that could also be me
sitting on the terrace.

Same straw hat, same rattan chair.

4 thoughts on “Terrasse a Sainte-Adresse

  1. Sarah Dolan

    think it was Keith who suggested at the last session my poem could be made into a specular (hope that is how you spell it – you know when you mirror it in the second stanza but start at the end and finish at the beginning) – and perhaps this one might look good like that too – especially as you are recreating an image from the past in the present – just an idea – and it looks like you are starting to do that weird thing that real poets do when they break their lines in strange places – for the life of me I can’t work it out – Martin does it – Robbie does it – yes I have asked them how they do it – but I don’t know – you are doing it too!

  2. Gill McEvoy

    Hello Jonathan, an interesting poem -I love the end, thta’s genius!.I’d omit “reproduced” in 2nd line of 1st stanza – it’s not necessary. You might think also about omitting the lines “A few weeks each year…” and just go straight to
    “Open the book” (you don’t need “also”) – “that could be me” is enough and makes fora tighter, finer poem.

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