The honey guide bird

With the cries of the birds
Perhaps the honey-guide
I come across a flounce of red flowers
In a pearlescent dusk
The bees must have a name for it
Lazy-blowing fragrance
Of the carnation border
They must have a name for it too
In bee language Honey flowers
Here and there More and more
As the branch Peeps over the garden wall
Until at length~ Tiny fragranced flowers close
And night has come

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About Anne Douglas

I was born in Chester in the nineteen fifties and travelled to the Orient with my parents, where I lived for nearly seven years. It was here that I have very happy memories of my childhood. The climate was always favourable except during the monsoon season and life out there was very different to the life in England. Since Returning to the country, I have lived in North Wales near my family and I have travelled to Africa, Arabia and to Israel, (since my childhood days,) with my employment as a qualified staff nurse and then as a nursing sister. I have never written any poetry before 2012/13 and it is an enjoyment for me and a good past time. I had a small anthology of prose printed in winter, 2014; it was my first attempt. I am quite proud of this, too. I wish all the Cross Border Poets members success in their poetry and their prose. Anne Douglas

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