Travel Brochure

I flick the pages, wonder
if a tour of Hell with Virgil
as a guide would go down well.
A circle every day, full board,
surprise old friends and chat;
there’s nothing wrong with that.
And all that suffering and shit!
Better than a thousand sermons.
Yes, a trip into the depths
might do us sinners good, provide
some warmth on February days
before we reconnect with our en suites
and follow earthly ways.

2 thoughts on “Travel Brochure

  1. Robbie Burton

    Mmmm… I’ve been pondering Di’s suggestion of losing the last two lines. At first I disagreed but now I’m not so sure. I query ‘sinners’ – surely it would do everybody good!

    Circle – circuit?

    Great idea – funny and concise.

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